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My work in designing and making fabric has always been driven by my personal tastes and interests. It was during my initial career as a theatre performer touring Europe that I had my first encounter with textile making, passing the long hours on the road casually knitting socks and jumpers, collecting new stitches from YouTube and dreaming up new designs and methods of construction. A rapidly increasing bank of knowledge and experience laid the groundwork to create through my preferred method of 'designing as I go'.


This instinctual approach to making continued when I transitioned to weaving, a move triggered by an earlier affinity for knit stitches that gave a woven effect, most notably the linen stitch. Ideas for new structures or desired effects led to many hours of experimentation, while indulging in colours that glow and pop.


To date, I continue to work with the apparent trend of never making the same thing twice. The next piece is always the result of an exploration down a completely new path: a freshly discovered technique, a question about a possible weave construction, or a flash of inspiration for a colour palette... nonethless, all of my works are unmistakably my own.


While occasionally using a table/shaft loom, most of my work comes from one of my three Ashford rigid heddle looms.

To visit my »Performance« website, click here.

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